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Arm CoolSculpting in Atlanta with Formed

Freeze your arm fat away

Congratulations! You did the hard part already by closing in on your ideal weight. Let Formed Body Sculpting Studio help you the rest of the way. CoolSculpting Elite is an FDA-approved technique for freezing fat cells away, giving you tighter, firmer arms that can further boost your total body confidence. At Formed Body Sculpting studio, we want to help you reach your ideal body image, so you feel confident and empowered in your body. By scheduling a consultation today, you can start your process of getting the toned arms you desire with Arm CoolSculpting in Atlanta.

What is Arm Slimming with CoolSculpting?

Your right to bare arms

Your Atlanta Arm CoolSculpting non-surgical fat reduction relies on cryolipolysis, which cools fat cells to a precise temperature, killing them off. Natural mechanisms then eliminate the damaged fat cells from your arms. Your experienced practitioner at Formed will cleanse the area, apply a gel pad, and attach the CoolSculpting handpiece during treatment in Atlanta near East Cobb. Clients might anticipate tugging or pinching when the applicator suctions the fat to the surface and administers the regulated cooling. Still, these are often regarded as not unpleasant or uncomfortable, and no anesthetic is required. Most clients resume their normal daily activities almost immediately following CoolSculpting, with just minor and temporary side effects.

Atlanta arm coolsculpting model with white outfit
Atlanta arm coolsculpting model before and after
Atlanta arm coolsculpting model before and after
Atlanta arm coolsculpting model before and after
Atlanta arm coolsculpting model before and after

What are the benefits of arm CoolSculpting?

Results That Will Amaze You

CoolSculpting gained FDA approval for the upper arm in 2018 and has since become the safest and best approach to treat undesirable fat in the upper arm and armpit fat areas that seem diet-and-exercise-proof. We recommend the CoolSculpting Elite upper arms treatment for reducing stubborn fat in the upper arms since the results are excellent, there are no scars [when compared to a surgical operation], and it is safe. When we say "excellent results," we mean natural-looking, balanced outcomes. Unlike other procedures that might leave you bulky and uneven, Arm CoolSculpting uses controlled cooling to give AMAZING results that are long-lasting and appear remarkably natural, all without needing to have surgery and live with scarring or spend countless hours counting calories and endless reps at the gym.

Am I a good candidate for arm CoolSculpting?

Lose the arm flaps

When evaluating clients for arm treatment, our medically-trained Body Contouring Specialists pay close attention to the quantity of fat in the area vs. the degree of upper arm skin laxity. Unfortunately, we occasionally encounter clients who have too much skin laxity for CoolSculpting and would benefit more from a different therapy. This is why it is critical to have an assessment performed by a trained CoolSculpting specialist such as the Body Contouring Specialists at Formed Body Sculpting Studio.

Your Arm CoolSculpting Procedure

Non-surgical fat reduction

The first stage in your CoolSculpting Elite for arms experience is to meet with a CoolSculpting Body Contouring Specialist at Formed to discuss your goals and review your anticipated outcomes. For Arm CoolSculpting Atlanta treatments are tailored to your specific physique, and each client’s arms and goals are unique. The treatment markings will be mapped by utilizing exact measurements and a specialized technology mastered by our CoolSculpting specialists. After that, a protective gel pad will be applied to the skin, followed by the suction applicator, and controlled cooling will be used as you sit back and relax for a 35-minute treatment session, part of your overall treatment plan. At least two total sessions, conducted six weeks apart, are required to see the results. Depending on your custom treatment plan, the same procedure will be followed for additional sessions to achieve the results that best suit your body contouring goals.

Atlanta arm coolsculpting model with white top

Arm CoolSculpting Recovery

The body you've worked hard for

The Arm CoolSculpting recovery period is brief because the therapy is non-invasive. You can resume your normal activities immediately. Your Body Contouring Specialist will coach you through the first week of daily best practices that optimize your treatment outcomes. From there, the only after-care you must commit to is a healthy lifestyle. Any localized redness induced by the cold should go rapidly once your skin warms up again.

Arm CoolSculpting Results

Results that last

It usually takes three to four months for the full effects of CoolSculpting to become visible. Clients typically have a 20 to 80 percent reduction in fat. CoolSculpting produces long-lasting results because it eliminates fat cells. This is because fat cells cannot regenerate once they have been destroyed. However, keep in mind that undergoing an Arm CoolSculpting treatment does not guarantee that you will never gain weight in the targeted area again, so keeping a healthy lifestyle is critical to long-term treatment success.

Schedule your Atlanta arm CoolSculpting consultation with Formed Body Sculpting Studio today

A Game Changer

Have you ever referred to yourself as having “bat wings?” If flabby arms and persistent arm fat prevent you from realizing your confidence in your body, CoolSculpting fat removal may be the game-changer you’ve been seeking. Call Formed Body Sculpting Studio today to schedule your private consultation and learn more about how slim and beautiful arms may be yours in as little as two Arm CoolSculpting treatment sessions in Atlanta!

“My ‘FormForward’ moment? Being able to wear a strapless gown on my wedding day without embarrassment about my arms"

— Formed Founder Cat Sanders

Our Commitment to You

At Formed Body Sculpting Studio, we focus on one thing only: your body transformation success. That’s why our body contouring specialists are dedicated to a single procedure, CoolSculpting Elite, undergoing extensive and ongoing training to deliver the best results to our clients. We approach each client’s transformation journey in a way that meets your goals, lifestyle, and schedule. When it comes to body sculpting, we are experts—it is all we do every day. Would you visit your primary care physician for heart surgery? Of course not, because experience matters.

And as bonafide body sculpting experts, we know that CoolSculpting Elite is the most advanced cryolipolysis system available today. How can you achieve the best outcome without best-in-class technology? Our dedication to excellence endures long after your treatment session. When you leave our office, we will provide you with a treatment success kit and follow up with you consistently following your appointment because we want you to get the best results possible. We offer an unparalleled treatment experience in Atlanta and stand behind that claim as the only CoolSculpting Elite provider in Atlanta to offer a Results Guarantee. If, after four months, you’re at your original treatment weight but haven't achieved a noticeable decrease in the fat layer based on your before photos, we will schedule a follow-up treatment at no additional cost. When it comes to your body confidence, you deserve the best. Pursue your best body transformation results from Atlanta’s body sculpting experts at Formed Body Sculpting Studio.

Cat sanders

CoolSculping Elite Frequently Asked Questions

The fat cells destroyed by CoolSculpting Elite do not regenerate, so the results are considered permanent. However, weight gain and loss can still occur in response to your lifestyle. A healthy diet and exercise routine can help you keep your best results for the longest time. Your team at Formed Body Sculpting is committed to providing you with encouragement and tips to maintain your new best self as part of an ongoing commitment to maintaining your best body.

Absolutely! Men use CoolSculpting to tackle their stubborn belly fat - frequently referred to as “beer guts.”

As results set in, you’ll see changes to your waistline that are natural and subtle over the course of weeks. This change is similar to natural weight loss progression, so others may begin to notice (and complement) your slimmer waistline over time. However, it will not be a dramatic or obvious drop in weight that signals you’ve “had work done.”

Each treatment session destroys roughly 20 percent of treated fat cells. To achieve results for a targeted body area, a minimum of two sessions is required as part of an initial treatment plan., To reach full body confidence effects, many clients choose to return for additional CoolSculpting treatments to complete their body transformation journey over time.

CoolSculpting is an elective procedure, and insurance does not cover it.

One of the many things that set apart your waist slimming experience at Formed Body Sculpting Studio is that our team of experts sends you home with a support plan. Optimal treatment success depends on taking a few important steps in the days following your treatment - including drinking plenty of water, massaging your treated area, and moving your body through moderate exercise. You will receive tools and messages of support from your Body Contouring Specialist to support your treatment success even after you leave our office.

You may feel an intense, chilly sensation at first, but this should pass after a few minutes. During the therapy, there may be mild pinching or pulling sensations, but CoolSculpting is not painful.

Compared to surgical procedures such as liposuction, the risks of CoolSculpting are modest. Your body continues to naturally eliminate fat cells for weeks after your treatment, and you are able to resume your daily activities - including routine exercise - on the same day of treatment. Ache, swelling, tenderness, pain, and tingling feelings are some of the symptoms that can occur in the days post-treatment. There is a minor possibility of contour abnormalities; however, this is extremely uncommon.

The cost of CoolSculpting Elite varies depending on the individual and the body areas being treated. To get your custom body transformation quote, schedule a complimentary consultation with Formed Body Sculpting Studio. A specialist will assess your physique during your consultation to see if this body sculpting approach is right for you.

CoolSculpting is completely non-invasive (no surgery, no needles, and little to no downtime). Traditional and newer forms of liposuction are surgical procedures.

Many people are inspired to maintain their goal weight after experiencing the effects of their CoolSculpting procedure. However, if you do gain weight, it may be distributed equally throughout your body rather than only in the treated areas.

Get Atlanta’s Best CoolSculpting Experience at Formed!

If you want the absolute best CoolSculpting Atlanta has to offer, Formed is the place for you! Our friendly CoolSculpting specialists offer an incredibly personalized experience, with treatments that can help you get the body of your dreams. Schedule your initial consultation today to begin your FormForward journey at Formed!

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