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Two Means Two!

October 28, 2022

Written by: Cat Sanders

Have you ever gotten highlights or changed your hair color altogether? If so, you are familiar with the two-step process of taking dark hair to light. On the first visit, your specialist lightens your base color but then asks you to come back for a second session to paint on the highlights or brighten the color to your final desired tone. You can’t achieve the natural look you seek in a single visit.

CoolSculpting works similarly; it requires two treatment sessions per body area. While each treatment session permanently eliminates up to 25% of fat cells in the treated area, the results of each treatment session differ. Here’s why:

In your first treatment session, CoolSculpting debulks the area, clearing out the core layer of excess, exercise-resistant fat in the area that’s bothering you. With that primary layer of fat removed, your second session can refine the raw results and tailor the ultimate shape you’re looking to achieve – in addition to further eliminating a secondary layer of fat.

For anyone considering CoolSculpting to eliminate stubborn fat, it’s imperative to understand the need to complete two rounds of treatment to see results. We bring this up to clients in every consultation as they consider the procedure to set expectations appropriately.

Every individual responds to treatment at a different rate. Some people see results in weeks, while others don’t start to see initial results for a couple of months. Likewise, every individual body responds at a different rate. But in our experience dedicated exclusively to CoolSculpting Elite, we consistently see two things happen after the first round of treatment.

You may be so delighted and surprised by the results of the first round that you don’t see the need for a second session!

Sound like a good problem to have? It’s not! Many of our clients are so happy with the powerful results after their first round of treatment that they think, “I don’t need to come back again!” But once they undergo the second round, they are glad they didn’t stop. The first round of debulking is essentially clearing out an initial chunk of fat cells. Because different body parts respond at different rates and ways, the second round achieves symmetry and proportion for natural-looking results.

Another phenomenon that we consider a “good problem” is that the first round of results can make you feel confident and kick start a recommitment to working out and overall healthy habits, leading to additional fat loss that is responsive to diet and exercise. At the same time you’re taking charge of your overall health and fitness, your body is shedding fat cells destroyed during the CoolSculpting procedure, which can further impact the benefit of the results.

In this scenario, it’s equally important to treat to complete for the same reason. The more fat your body sheds, the more clearly you can anticipate and shape the final results of your investment in CoolSculpting.

In the photo below, this male client in his mid-30s was feeling sluggish and frustrated by weight settling around his abs and flanks. Busy with a career change and a young family, he was having difficulty getting motivated to get back in shape, so he looked to CoolSculpting Elite to kick start his path back to good health.

While his weight remained the same, the early results he saw from CoolSculpting Elite encouraged him to start eating better and lifting weights a few times a week – but he knew he couldn’t achieve the results he wanted without the second round of treatment.

When he returned for the second session of his abs treatment plan, the client was feeling so good about his results that he added flanks in addition to completing his abs treatment plan. The photos below show the effects of two rounds of ab treatments plus the initial debulking of a single round of flanks.

15 Weeks Following Two Treatment Sessions (4 Treatments Each Session) on Abs

10 Weeks Following One Treatment Session (2 Treatments Each Session) on Flanks

You may be disappointed by your first round and want to give up.

It broke our hearts the first time this happened! The idea of letting down a client who trusts us with their body confidence is devastating. So when one of our first clients confessed eight weeks post-treatment that she didn’t see any difference, we immediately sprang into action to make it right.

Reluctantly, she agreed to come back and let us assess her to see what might have happened and how we could make it right (our Re-Formed Results Guarantee).

It turns out she’d had amazing results but didn’t realize it! The beauty of CoolSculpting is that the fat cells die during the procedure but are processed through your liver and excreted as waste slowly over a period of three months. The change is so natural and gradual that clients sometimes don’t realize the difference.

The client, a post-menopausal woman who’d given birth to five beautiful babies, agreed to press forward with her second round of abs treatment. A few weeks later, we got an overjoyed text from her saying, “my pants are so big I had to wear a belt today for the first time in years!”

(If memory serves, there may have been a four-letter word exclamation of disbelief in there, too!)

Nothing makes us happier than texts, emails, and hugs from clients sharing happiness with results like these. If only we had a dime for every time we hear the phrase “my pants are too big!” or “my clothes are fitting so much looser!”

The beautiful lady above exemplifies why it’s essential not to give up too early, seeing the “lightening process” through to the end – just like at the salon!

We are thrilled when a client shops around and does extensive homework before selecting a CoolSculpting provider. When they do that, we know they are serious about making a permanent change to their body and overall health and wellness. We respect that we are not the right choice for every client, but we do want you to get quality treatment wherever you decide to receive treatment.

For that reason, we still want you to be armed with this information about the importance of treating with at least two sessions per area. It may sound counterintuitive, but the providers willing to give you a "one-and-done" treatment session on your terms are in it just for the money. In those scenarios, it’s about a quick buck transaction – not a commitment to your body transformation. Does it cost more to treat with multiple CoolSculpting Elite sessions? Of course. Because when you’re committed to quality and meaningful results, it costs more. While we eat, sleep, breathe, and LOVE CoolSculpting, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. I was skeptical of CoolSculpting myself before I tried it six years ago. However, because I worked in the pharmaceutical industry and was familiar with clinical data, I combed through the evidence supporting the safety and efficacy of CoolSculpting before ever setting foot into a consultation.

Now that it’s my literal job to stand behind CoolSculpting, you better believe I reviewed the data on the need for two treatments! In a clinical study, those who received a second treatment session saw 73% greater fat reduction than those who stopped after one session. In the words of our client pictured above, “holy #%*&!!!”

If you are committed to pursuing optimal results for your CoolSculpting investment, please know that we have the same goal for you. So much so, in fact, that we guarantee our results.

We can’t wait to hear how you describe the body confidence boost after your second CoolSculpting session!

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